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Download CR-8000 Board Viewer for Accurate and Efficient Verification

What is CR-8000 and why you need it

If you are looking for a powerful and comprehensive PCB design software that can handle complex system-level design, analysis, and optimization, you might want to check out CR-8000. CR-8000 is a suite of applications that span the entire PCB engineering lifecycle, from architecture planning through system-level engineering and optimization to physical implementation and manufacturing. CR-8000 is the only PCB design environment complemented by data management capabilities, providing comprehensive library, module, configuration, and release management.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of CR-8000's features and benefits, show you how to download it, and guide you through some basic steps to get started with using it. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of what CR-8000 can do for you and how to make the most of it.

CR-8000 overview and features

CR-8000 is a product-centric electronic system design solution that provides the tools to optimize a design at both the IC and PCB design level. Product-centric design processes provide architectural validation of the design against the requirements. Detailed design includes 2D/3D multi-board design and implementation, FPGA I/O optimization, chip/package/board co-design, and 3D MCAD integration. All in one design flow.

CR-8000 consists of several core products and optional products that cover different aspects of the PCB design process. Here are some of the main products and their functions:



System Planner

A hardware architecture design and verification tool that enables engineers to define and validate the architecture of new designs on a functional level using a mix of functional blocks that can be referenced to existing schematics.

Design Gateway

A schematic capture tool that supports multi-sheet hierarchical designs with variant management, circuit reuse, signal integrity analysis, power integrity analysis, EMC analysis, simulation interface, etc.

Design Force

A PCB layout tool that supports 2D/3D multi-board design with MCAD integration, high-speed routing, differential pair routing, length tuning, impedance control, embedded component placement, chip/package/board co-design, etc.

DfM Center

A manufacturing verification tool that performs comprehensive checks on PCB designs against manufacturing rules before transferring them to production.

Engineering Desktop

A data management tool that provides library management, module management, configuration management, release management, workflow management, etc.

System-level design and verification

CR-8000 enables engineers to explore implementation approaches on a system level using System Planner. System Planner allows engineers to partition complex systems into multiple connected PCBs, manage ICs, packages, and PCBs in one single environment, control releases, revisions, and configurations with integrated data management. System Planner also enables engineers to verify cost and weight targets with parametric analysis.

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PCB subsystem design and analysis

CR-8000 allows engineers to manage multi-board designs as a coherent system within the boundaries of their mechanical enclosures using Design Force. Design Force offers an intuitive 2D/3D environment for designing single or multi-die packages for wire-bonding or flip-chip assemblies in their target PCB environment. Design Force also supports chip/package /board co-design, which enables engineers to optimize the I/O assignment of FPGAs and ASICs, and to perform pin swapping and routing between chips and packages.

Signal, power, and EMI analysis

CR-8000 provides a range of analysis tools to ensure the quality and reliability of PCB designs. Design Gateway integrates with various simulation tools to perform circuit simulation, signal integrity analysis, power integrity analysis, EMC analysis, etc. Design Force supports real-time design rule checking, impedance control, length tuning, differential pair routing, etc. DfM Center performs manufacturing verification checks on PCB designs before transferring them to production.

Integrated IC package design

CR-8000 supports the design of single or multi-die packages for wire-bonding or flip-chip assemblies in their target PCB environment. Design Force offers an intuitive 2D/3D environment for designing packages with advanced features such as embedded components, rigid-flex substrates, stacked dies, etc. Design Force also supports chip/package/board co-design, which enables engineers to optimize the I/O assignment of FPGAs and ASICs, and to perform pin swapping and routing between chips and packages.

Engineering library and data management

CR-8000 provides a comprehensive data management solution that covers the entire PCB engineering lifecycle. Engineering Desktop manages libraries, modules, configurations, releases, workflows, etc. Engineering Desktop also integrates with various enterprise systems such as PLM, ERP, SCM, etc. Engineering Desktop ensures data consistency, traceability, and security throughout the design process.

How to download CR-8000

If you are interested in trying out CR-8000 for yourself, you can download it from the official website of Zuken, the developer of CR-8000. Zuken offers a free trial version of CR-8000 that you can use for 30 days. You can also request a demo or a quote from Zuken if you want to learn more about CR-8000's capabilities and pricing.

System requirements and compatibility

Before you download CR-8000, you should make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for running CR-8000. Here are some of the basic requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent

  • Memory: 16 GB RAM or more

  • Hard disk: 100 GB free space or more

  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro or equivalent

  • Display: 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher

  • Internet connection: Required for activation and updates

You should also check the compatibility of CR-8000 with other software that you use for PCB design, such as simulation tools, MCAD tools, PLM tools, etc. You can find a list of compatible software on Zuken's website.

Download options and instructions

To download CR-8000, you need to register on Zuken's website and fill out a form with some basic information about yourself and your company. You will then receive an email with a link to download CR-8000. You can choose between two options:

  • A full installation package that includes all the core products and optional products of CR-8000. This option requires a large download size (about 10 GB) and a long installation time (about 2 hours).

  • A custom installation package that allows you to select only the products that you need. This option requires a smaller download size (depending on your selection) and a shorter installation time (depending on your selection).

You can also download additional resources such as tutorials, videos, manuals, etc. from Zuken's website.

Installation and activation guide

To install CR-8000, you need to run the downloaded executable file and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked to accept the license agreement, select the installation directory, choose the products to install, etc. You will also need to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

To activate CR-8000, you need to launch any of the products that you installed and enter your email address and password that you used to register on Zuken's website. You will then receive an activation code via email that you need to enter in the product. You can activate CR-8000 on up to two computers using the same email address and password.

How to use CR-8000

Once you have installed and activated CR-8000, you are ready to start using it for your PCB design projects. Here are some tips to help you get started with CR-8000:

Getting started tutorials and videos

A good way to learn the basics of

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