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Buy Lapel Pins

When it comes time to buy or purchase lapel pins, sometimes people become gun shy because they are unfamiliar with the process. We realize that buying lapel pins is not something that people do every day or sometimes only once in a lifetime. That is no problem! Our PINgineers are here to make the process painless!

buy lapel pins

The Pin People also provides additional options for your lapel pins, such as presentation boxes, attached card board cards, trading sleeves, and more. Simply let us know your needs and we will make sure that we have the right solution for you.

Our PINgineers are standing by to help you. They can be reached via Live Chat, Email or by phone at 888-309-PINS (7467). Feel free to contact them to discuss your ideas. Our staff will never pressure you to complete any order for lapel pins that you would like to discuss.

Display your hard-earned CDFM or CDFM-A credential with our official, distinguished, black and gold lapel pin which measures 1.7 cm wide by 2 cm tall (11/16" wide by 3/4" tall). The words "AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERS", inscribed in gold on black, wraps around ASMC's circular, gold logo. The designation "CDFM" or "CDFM-A" is inscribed in black on gold below the circle.

Ordinary North Koreans are illegally buying highly sought-after lapel pins of the reclusive country's founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il and using them in lieu of cash to pay for accommodations, meals and drinks, sources inside the country said.

Low-level administrators who work for North Korea's Workers' Party and judiciary, university students, and members of the middle class who have money to buy the rare "double-portrait" pins are obtaining them illegally in local markets.

"With the double-portrait [lapel pin], people can take care of one day of room and board in other regions [of the country] or drink with their friends by using it when they need money," said a source in Yanggang province, which is bordered by China to the north.

Custom lapel pins are a great example of a small item that can have a big impact. Consider thenow-classic pink ribbon awareness pins. These small icons have helped raise millions of dollars andglobal awareness for breast cancer research. Such pins show support for communities affected byhurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. Other pins help people demonstrate their supportfor social causes around the world.

Buying custom lapel pins is not an item you would typically buy off the shelf at your local Walmart. Rather, it is a process or an experience that you have with a custom pin company. It is a unique experience taking your ideas and translating them into a metal object. You want it to be good and you want it to represent you.

Can you imagine sending your design ideas to New York, or Texas or California and asking a designer there to create a pin that represents Utah. Sure, they can google it, but something usually gets lost in the translation. Better yet, try sending your design ideas to China and you can imagine the outcome. Understanding the culture is important and so is buying custom lapel pins in Utah. is a one-stop shop for all Men Accessories. Featuring a wide selection of cufflinks, lapelpins, pocket squares, cummerbands and tie pins much more, the brand is focused in delivering excellent craftsmanship while keeping you abreast with global trends. 041b061a72

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