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Subtitle 300 [BETTER]

Around two-billion words after kicking off our cloud-powered subtitling services, Team ZOO has smashed through another milestone. Our dedicated translators and project teams have helped deliver 300 million subtitle and caption files for the TV and movie industry.

subtitle 300


The 300 million milestone bolsters our position as a leading provider of localization and digital distribution services for the TV and movie industry. With approved, native translators, experienced project teams and innovative, cloud-powered platforms ensuring our subtitles meet the highest standards demanded of the industry.

Get the highest quality every time using subtitling services that are built from the ground up for huge volume and meticulous accuracy. Repurpose subtitles for any platform and manage all your files in one place. Streamlined, cloud-powered and ultra-secure.

MDFL 300 - Studies in French Literature in Translation 4 Hour(s) Credit Study of an author, period, movement, genre or theme. Topic varies semester to semester. Taught in English.Three hours per week with enhancement.Meets General Education IB.Prerequisites ENGL 103 or permission of department chair.May be repeated once with new content and different subtitle. 041b061a72

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