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Edhuvum Nadakkum Marma Desam Episode 34 ((HOT))

i waswatching marmadesam(Vittuvidu Karuppa) in raj tv 9.30pm it was realy nice but their must praise director NAGA also,but they took off th serial suddenly ,but from here i heard it is story ,i was annoyed i cant completly watch full serial ,thank for saying it is story,i will try to get the book ,its amazing how helpful blog is once again thank you sir

edhuvum nadakkum marma desam episode 34

HI ALLAWOW ME IM A GRETA FAN OF INDIRA SOUNDARAJAi have lot of books of this autor all stories r very interstg and i buy it in my countrie in farnce it very expensive than india but i really like so i cant expect his books .i really like rutraveenai marmadesam vidada karupu and tedade tolaindu povai really fantastik i love all of his storiessee u friends

hi all,i saw marmadesam part 1( about navapashanam and lingas of sitharpatti) i wa strully impressed by the story but the worst case is i could not watch the end and who is behind all these. I could watch only upto 69 episodes and its is really mind blowing to know the end. can any of you tell me the end of it, and also the site where i can watch it. Are the books available for sale thru online, I recently moved to New Jersey from Chennai.Thanks Akshara

hi guys ,this is jaganes frm malaysia,anyone got Indira Soundarajan novel edhuvum nadakkum series novel -vaanathu manitharghal in pdf plzz mail me .thx

Hello Annamalai,If you have the PDF for Vaanathu manithargal by Indra Soundarjan, please email it to ts8825_rag@yahoo.comI watched the edhuvum nadakkum serial and since it never ended, I would like to read the novel to know the ending. Since none of the online bookstores carry that book, it would be really good if you can email me the PDF of the book or atleast post how the story ends.Thanks,Raghavan

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