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[S4E13] The Wizards' Attack

Bloom starts to fight Ogron and he throws the attack back at her. She gets blasted and Bloom tells Roxy she is their last hope. Bloom tells Roxy to take the White Circle but Roxy does not want to. Ogron starts to threaten Roxy and Klaus steps in front of her. Ogron punches Klaus and tells Roxy to give the White Circle to him. She starts to but Klaus tells her not to. Roxy gets overwhelmed and Ogron starts to summon a storm. Riven tells Musa to go to the group and Musa blasts him because she knows the real Riven never likes to work in groups.

[S4E13] The Wizards' Attack

Meanwhile, The Hollow is showing off her power to the people of New Orleans. First, she brings Dominic back to life, again. He then attacks Josh and a group of vampires and witches at the bar. He kills most of the vampires and tells the witches to join The Hollow. He leaves Josh alive so Josh can tell Marcel and Sofya what is happening.

This leads to Marcel and Sofya working with the Mikaelsons and giving them some dark objects to get Hope back. They all attack the gathering of The Hollow and her followers and are able to capture Hope.

Suddenly, they are returned to the area of the Wizard Competition, where Rootie Tootietootie reveals that the griffin attack (which was actually meant for Professor Crumbs) and the weeks they went without magic were a test see if their family bond remains stable because of past experiences with the Russos.

Whilst Tristan is questioning Gwen about her relationship with Arthur, Merlin sets out to protect his friends once more, doubling back to intercept Agravaine as he enters the tunnels. Sadly, for Merlin, he takes a wrong turn and Agravaine corners the young wizard. Rapidly rendering his attackers unconscious, Merlin seems to get the upper hand until Agravaine recovers, identifying Merlin as Emrys. With little choice, and realising that his secret is in even greater danger, Merlin takes extreme measures.

With Tristan and Isolde choosing to fight alongside Arthur, the sneak attack sees the knights storm the castle. Helios alerts Morgana, who coldly offers to welcome Arthur home. With Tristan and Isolde in the mix, the knights of Camelot fight a vicious battle to secure the castle. Percival rescues Gwaine and Elyan, whilst Arthur fights alongside Gwen and Merlin.

Alex and Harper have trouble paying the apartment bills, so Dexter recommends getting a roommate. Alex and Harper find a wealthy ghost named Lucy, who they let move in. Meanwhile, Justin orders a robot to help Zeke at the sub station, as Justin is busy studying for the wizard competition. The robot is lost in transit, but Dexter (Gorog in disguise) makes an evil robot to spy on Justin to pass information to Gorog. While Zeke and the robot are working, the robot asks him about Justin and the wizard competition, which confuses Zeke because no one had talked about it in front of the robot. Later that night, Lucy starts crying and explains that her boyfriend Donny had disappeared sixty years prior in a plane accident. Alex tries to set Lucy up with Justin, but he makes matters worse. Later, Lucy meets Mason and they go out on a long date, which makes Alex jealous. Meanwhile, the robot again asks Zeke about the wizard world and Zeke realizes that the robot might have a secret agenda. He tells Justin, who simply does not believe him and is ignorant of the situation because of his intensive studying. Because of her jealousy, Alex helps Lucy locate Donny, who had been stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. They soon reconnect, but not after Alex realizes that she cannot get back home, due to heavy magnetic currents interfering with her magic. Mason goes to save Alex after he finds out that she had left for the Bermuda Triangle. The robot attacks Justin and Zeke after they find him scanning the spell book. Mason and Alex manage to get off of the island using the Bermuda shorts given to them by Justin. The robot is shown giving Gorog the spell he needed that he got from the Russos.

Then, to both girls' shock, Justin, Max and Zeke (with pig noses) rush inside the substation being chased by the big, bad wolf, Mason. Alex realizes that some pages are missing and Cinderella and three little pigs stories were blended together. The pig-turned boys and Harper rush into the loft being chased by Mason. While Alex finds the pages Harper has to keep Mason from eating Zeke (who built the straw house), Alex eventually finds the book pages in a drawer along with other book pages. Alex tries a page from Max's favourite magic trick book then David Copperfield comes into the room and does some magic tricks which impresses Harper. But another page that Alex tried was from Justin's science book and a caveman appeared, but the caveman has a thing for Harper. So when Harper is impressed by the magic trick he is jealous and tries to attack David Copperfield. Alex finds the right pages and the story goes back to Cinderella. Zeke Charming comes in and Theresa tries to wear the slipper but fails. Then Harper tries it and fits. She and Zeke go back to the royal party where they dance and then the story ends and the world is returned to its normality. Last but not least, Harper was back in the real world and she lived happily ever after. Finally, Alex planned that Harper and Zeke dance because they were great when they danced in romance, so they practiced but they were really bad. The ball dance is turned into a clogging dance.

During a dinner that Alex made for the family, Professor Crumbs visits to reveal that with this selfless act, the Russo children can finally have their family wizard competition. Round one of the competition is a trivia round, in which questions related to magic are asked. During this round, Harper and Zeke appear. Zeke has accidentally smelled a purple substance in the lair that caused him to turn purple. This causes a griffin to kidnap him and Harper. Alex, Justin and Max use their three time-outs to go and rescue their friends. They make it back, only to discover that they have been gone too long and have been disqualified from the competition. They all return home, where the lair disappears and they all lose their magic, thus becoming mortals. Justin and Max begin to hate Alex because of her insistence on saving Zeke and Harper resulting in them losing. Convinced that the loss of their powers has ruined the family, Jerry decides to sell the sub shop. The kids go for a day without magic, during which, slowly gaining back trust in each other as they reopen and run the shop. Suddenly, they are returned to the area of the Wizard Competition, where the host reveals that the griffin attack (which was actually meant for Professor Crumbs) and the weeks they went without magic were tests to test their family bond. They enter the final round of the competition, a massive labyrinth. The first out of the maze will win. Justin makes it out first and is declared the Family Wizard. However, he decides he cannot accept this because Alex was about to get out first: Justin had been trapped by magical vines and Alex, near the exit, came back to help. Alex is thus declared the true family wizard. Professor Crumbs, proud of Justin's integrity in telling the truth, declares that he is going to retire as Headmaster of Wiz-Tech and declares Justin the new headmaster, granting him full wizard powers. Considering Max is the only Russo child that does not get powers or becomes a full wizard, Jerry thus decides to one day pass down the sub shop to Max, which he happily accepts. It ends with the Russo family hugging and gathering together with Alex stating that they are all finally happy at the same time.

Lincoln and Clyde decide to search for him, and then finds him in the middle of the convention. When they try to get close, the hostile cat attacks them, using his acting skills as dangerous weapons. He used catnip as grenades to blow up, or at least blind the boys. When Clyde decides to make a fake bird, the Kitty attacks it, but is smart enough to know the difference between fake and real ones.

Around 10,000 BCE, Klarion visited the village known as Atlantis, which was populated by a number of Homo sapiens and Homo meta. It was there that he began tormenting its inhabitants. Despite a sizable portion of the village being superpowered meta-humans, they were helpless to oppose the Chaos Lord's wrath, who subsequently massacred most of Atlantis's populace and set fire to the village's buildings. By the time of the return of the village's founder, Vandar Adg, Klarion was sitting atop a mount of Atlantean corpses surrounded by the burning ruins of the village, all the while laughing. Deeply horrified and angered at what the Witch Boy had done, Vandar leapt to attack him, only for Klarion to effortlessly kill Vandar with the snap of his fingers.

To his joyful surprise, Klarion watched as Vandar rose once again. For the next 300 days, Klarion sadistically tortured Vandar, each day killing him in a new and brutal manner only to see him rise up again. Vandar's persistence eventually intrigued Klarion enough to stop and listen to what the human had to say. It was during the conversation that Klarion informed of what he was and the greater conflict between the Lords of Chaos and Order. Realizing he was no match against the Witch Boy, Vandar proposed a bargain with Klarion to cease his attack against his kin and Atlantis. Perplexed at the request, Klarion asked why, only for Vandar to retort that if he gave him 1,000 years, he would show him. Satisfied, Klarion agreed and promptly disappeared.[1]

When Wally and Kent went to retrieve the Helmet of Fate, Klarion and Teekl managed to follow, during which Klarion hit Kent with a magical blast, killing him. Wally then proceeded to put on the Helmet of Fate, allowing for Nabu to take control of his body, transforming them into a new Doctor Fate. Klarion and Fate did battle, but eventually Klarion was forced to retreat when Fate attacked and gravely injured Teekl.

While Vandal Savage was boasting, Teekl notified its master that the three heroes were not under their control yet. Black Canary attacked him, but in response, he summoned Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, Hawkwoman and Martian Manhunter to fight them. 041b061a72

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