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Buy Pearl Earrings Online

Have you ever wondered why pearls are close to a woman's heart? Because it is pure as a woman's heart and defines her style and personality. Pearl speaks of charm and elegance. Therefore if you want to impress someone, then buy pearl earrings for her, as it's known for perfect tone and glimmer. Besides, it can team with any metal or gemstone to change the overall appearance.To amplify the glamorous quotient of your persona, you need to invest in the most serene and simplest form of jewelry that is made up of pearls. You can choose the best set of pearl earrings from our collection available at Danielle Morgan.

buy pearl earrings online

Buying pearls online has never been as easy as it is now! Our pearl jewellery is made from real freshwater pearls differing in colour and style. From necklaces to bangles, made from different types of pearls such as Hyderabad Pearls, Southsea Pearls etc, Sri Jagdamba Pearls has many Pearl jewellery designs that you can choose from. offers an gorgeous selection of hand-crafted pearl earrings made from only the finest materials. Choose from classic pearl studs to hoops and pearl drop earrings to round our your jewelry wardrobe.

Cultured pearls come in 5 main varieties: Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater, White and Golden South Seas and Sea of Cortez pearls. Each type of pearl has its own unique beauty to... Read More

It has been said before that the world of pearls offers a rainbow of color to choose from, and it is never so more true than today. Pearls offer an astonishing array of colors for everyone to lo... Read More

2.2 For the purchase of Products through the Online Store, Majorica will prompt users to register, to which end Customers must fill out the online form that at any given time shall be displayed in the Online Store, following the instructions therein. During the registration process, true and accurate details must be provided exclusively and in all cases.

The right of the User to withdraw the purchase made through the Online Store is acknowledged, and, therefore, if he or she is not satisfied, and provided that the nature of the acquired Product so permits, he or she can return the Product within a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days starting from the date of the delivery of the order to the address indicated by the Customer. Through the Online Store by completing the online form attached to the return request.

Majorica will carry out rethreading, clasp replacement or any other repairs not covered by the guarantee, at the fairest price, provided that the INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE is presented, duly completed. No substantial modifications to the original design will be carried out.Coating will not be changed unless the piece already exists in this form No transformations will be made to pearl necklaces or bracelets.

Lagos designs imaginative jewelry that beautifully encapsulates. Stud earrings have silver and gold details that twist together to form a knot, with a pearl at its center. Drop earrings display a single pearl suspended inside a hoop. Marco Bicego handcrafts each jewelry piece into captivating silhouettes that feature their signature twisted gold coil design. Pearl earrings are made with light-colored pink and purple pearls, adding a feminine appeal to the style. Meanwhile, classic gold earrings with white pearls and diamond accents are refined and graceful.

Women who are not afraid to turn heads will fall in love with semi-baroque shaped earrings. With a fishhook sterling silver design, this type of earring is ideal for summer outfits and parties. The iridescent colors can easily be spotted in large 15-16mm gemstones. The unique appearance of semi-baroque pearls gives them an exotic and luxurious feel.

The modern woman who is looking for a sophisticated jewelry item for her wardrobe will love a pair of drop Freshwater pearl earrings. Set in silver, this set will flatter most complexions, brightening up the face. Their lush color and delicate undertones make them a statement jewelry item that can be worn both during the daytime, with matching accessories, and in the evening.

Constructed with care - our jaw dropping, high quality pearl earrings come in a range of styles and sizes. Trendy and chic, feel fancy in a classic set of polished pearl earring studs or drop earrings suitable for any occasion.

Each one of our Cultured Freshwater pearls is beautifully unique with its own personality and irregular shape. Each set of earrings is carefully crafted by our team of expert jewellers, selecting only the most sophisticated stones that meet our strict criteria and match industry expected standards.

Pearl earrings are a staple for any jewelry box. These classics add a touch of elegance to any look. At The Pearl Source you are guaranteed to find the perfect set of pearl earrings for yourself or a loved one.

You can go with the classic white pearl earrings look. Or, maybe you want something a little bolder, like an exotic set of black Tahitian pearl earrings. Either way, there are a few factors to consider when buying pearl earrings online.

When it comes to the types of pearl earrings on the market, you have choices there too. Consider a simple pearl stud earring, which highlights the beauty of a pearl. Or, how about a pair of drop earrings that combines 14K gold and diamonds for a more prominent look.

Pearl earrings are the perfect complement to any pearl necklace or pearl bracelet. The experts at The Pearl Source can easily match any set of pearl earrings to a pearl choker necklace or bracelet that is purchased at the same time.

Pearl jewelry at James Allen ranges in price from under $500 up to $6000. These are standard prices for high quality pearl jewelry, with no premium or middle man. James Allen has South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls, and Tahitian pearls. They also carry freshwater pearl jewelry as well.

They have a wide range of options when it comes to pearl jewelry, whether you're looking for small pearls or large. When shopping for pearls, luster is the most important factor. Luster is the light reflected off the surface of the pearl.

Most online jewelry stores will only show you images of their pearls, but James Allen shows you the luster in action via their 360 viewing technology. Check out these exquisite pink sapphire and pink pearl earrings set in 14K white gold below and see its 360 view here:

Blue Nile has many different pieces of pearl jewelry. They sell high-quality real pearls, but once again, all of them are cultured. As far as pearl types go, you can find both gold and white South sea pearls as well as Akoya pearls and Tahitian pearls.

The prices of pearl jewelry at Blue Nile start around $250 and climb exponentially very quickly. Most of the cheaper freshwater pearls will be under $500. Any specially named pearls will command a much higher price, like this beautiful strand of multicolor pearls with an 18K white gold clasp:

In fact, my favorite thing about Blue Nile's pearl collection is that they have many unique pearl settings that you don't see very often. Blue Nile carries some of the finest high end jewelry around and has a great reputation among online jewelry stores. They offer free returns, 30 day return policy, and free shipping.

Blue Nile has a manufacturer's warranty on all their jewelry. This means that if there is an issue that keeps happening over and over, such as a stone falling out, they will fix it. They will only cover your pearl jewelry if it has a design flaw, not for wear and tear. Any repairs or rhodium plating you might need for white gold jewelry will be at your own cost.

Brilliant Earth is a well-known online diamond retailer that also sells a large collection of gemstone jewelry. They focus their efforts in the diamond industry to giving back to the community and many collections go toward a cause.

Keeping the theme of giving back, all of Brilliant Earth's pearl jewelry is made from recycled metals. That means it's much better for the environment. They also give you a wooden jewelry box as well as eco-conscious packing materials.

The problem is they don't really tell you about it on their site unless you go searching for it. If you don't talk to anyone, you might miss it. The warranty has to be called and added on after you make your purchase online.

Back when I was working, they sold a lot of Mikimoto pearls around Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. The in-store collection will feature freshwater cultured pearl jewelry with no known origin often set with white sapphires or cubic zirconia, instead of diamond.

If you're looking for a specific pearls, like a white South Sea pearl or a Tahitian black pearl, you're going to have better luck finding it online. For instance, a chocolate pearl might catch your eye.

Chocolate pearls are Tahitian pearls that have been bleached to give a rich and velvety brown color. Many companies have chosen to brand these pearls, such as Kay's partner, LeVian. Check out this chocolate pearl ring set in 14K rose gold with LeVian's chocolate and vanilla diamonds:

But, keep in mind that the LeVian name is where a good chunk of that price goes to. I have no doubts you can find a less expensive chocolate pearl in the jewelry market online. But if you like unique, LeVian is a great option. 041b061a72

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