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Several myths are based on the Shettles Method, developed by Landrum Shettles in the 1960s. He built his theories on the fact that the sperm carrying the Y chromosome, which conceives a baby boy (XY), is lighter and faster but less durable than the sperm carrying the X chromosome that results in a girl (XX). Several myths about conception stem from this theory.

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Myth 5: Changing the pH factor in the vagina can help. If you make the vagina more acidic by using a vinegar douche, it favors a girl. If you make it more alkaline by using a baking soda and water douche, it favors a boy.

If I Were Jack aims to help teenagers to imagine the situation of a teenage boy who has just discovered that his girlfriend has become unintentionally pregnant. It is designed to reduce UTP by encouraging teenagers to decrease sexual risk-taking behaviour that might result in unintended pregnancy either by delaying sexual intercourse or by consistently using contraception in sexual relationships.

In a recent survey on sexual health awareness among school children in India, a leading news magazine, Outlook, came up with revealing statistics. Asked if they have had any sexual experience, 39 per cent boys and girls in Delhi, nine per cent in Chennai, 24 per cent in Kolkata and 18 per cent in Mumbai replied in the affirmative.

Nearly half of them said they had shared their experience with multiple partners; for more than half of them, the experience included intercourse. In each category, Delhi's boys and girls were ahead of school students in the other cities.

Therefore, it makes little sense to pillory two teenaged students -- a boy and a girl -- of a much sought after fashionable Delhi school who have been in the news for a momentary lapse of discretion. The boy is a promising cricketer, the girl a 'super achiever.' The teenagers indulged in some clumsy sex, which the boy recorded on his 'cam-phone' and then sold the video to his chums. Soon, the video was being flashed as an MMS across India.

In civil societies around the world, juvenile delinquency is tackled through professional counselling. No so in India. The errant boy and girl were expelled from their school, the moral integrity and rectitude of whose authorities few are willing to vouch for. The episode should have ended there, but our law-enforcing agencies have decided to don the moral mantle.

The police has arrested the boy on the strength of a non-bailable warrant, thus denying him the opportunity to seek anticipatory bail, a protection that is routinely accorded with due diligence to India's most hardened criminals, including corrupt politicians. The police has asserted that they are looking at ways and means of questioning the girl who, unable to handle the trauma of public humiliation, has fled to a foreign country.

Overnight, a delinquent act has been converted into a criminal offence. A 17-year-old boy now has a police record that he will never be able to erase from his life: he is scarred forever. The errant girl will probably have to spend the next few years in hiding, far from family and friends: she has been, to use a quaint expression, stigmatised for the rest of her life.

These are strange times that we live in. The Government of India embraces terrorists as its 'brothers and sisters,' while the Delhi police, which reports to the Union home ministry, hounds two hapless teenagers for sexual delinquency, something that is common among 23 per cent boys and girls in India's cities. No less strange is the fact that not a whimper of protest has been heard from civil society across the length and breadth of India.

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He's a police detective with a seedy apartment, a 5 o'clock shadow and, against his better judgment, a yen for the blond. It's the old story: boy meets girl. Boy suspects girl. Boy borrows girl's car and is almost killed when the brakes mysteriously fail.

Weight status was not associated with sedentary behaviours, except in the case of weekend internet use among overweight or obese girls. Further investigation is required to better understand how overweight girls can be encouraged to reduce sitting activities and become more physically active at weekends.

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