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[S1E1] Meet The Lord

Northumbria; Lord Uhtred and his fyrd (local freemen), alongside King Ælla and King Osbert, have already marched south from Bebbanburg towards Eoferwic. The young Uhtred, who even at the age of 10 possesses the heart and spirit of a warrior, has secretly followed, and luckily as well, for his uncle, Ælfric, the brother of Ealdorman Uhtred, has already given instructions to kill the younger Uhtred to seize lordship of Bebbanburg for himself.

[S1E1] Meet the Lord

The Sea, Northumbria; Earl Ragnar is accompanied by his son, Ragnar the Younger; a fellow Danish warlord, Ubba; as well as his ship master, Kjartan. They sail to Eoferwic to meet up with Guthrum, another Danish warlord.

Northumbria; Danish and Northumbrian forces meet on the battlefield during the Siege of Eoferwic (866). Ealdorman Uhtred leads the offensive attack as the Danes wait patiently. The English forces rush downhill but their blows are rendered useless by the ever-effective Danish shield wall. The second half of the Danish army comes out of hiding to close in on the English from behind, trapping them between two shield walls. The English are slaughtered and Lord Uhtred is killed. Little Uhtred then rushes the battlefield in a futile attempt to kill a Dane, and is instead captured as a slave along with a young Saxon girl named Brida.

Bebbanburg, Northumbria; When Ælfric, Uhtred's uncle, learns that he is still alive, a meeting is arranged to ransom the boy back to Bebbanburg. Uhtred's childhood priest and teacher, Father Beocca, warns him of his uncle's treachery and Uhtred is purchased by Ragnar to live with his family as a slave. But Ragnar treats Uhtred and Brida with kindness, as if they were his own children.

Episode 1 of 13: "Numb" opens and closes with the song "No Children" by The Mountain Goats and takes place during the events of "Nature (Part One)" and "Nature (Part Two)", showing what Bloberta was doing while Clay and Orel were away. It starts with Clay waking up to take Orel away and Bloberta unenthusiastically watching from the window. She later masturbates with a small power drill in bed before returning it to her collection of hardware tools she uses as dildos. In the process she pulls out a photo album full of pictures of her and Coach Stopframe together, plus a few pictures of Shapey. Examining those photos, she realizes that Block isn't Shapey and proceeds to try to get Shapey back "for sentimental reasons." At the Posabules', both Block and Shapey show love to Bloberta and Mrs. Posabule slams the door, leaving Block with Bloberta. Bloberta takes both boys back home with her, then goes to meet Coach Stopframe at the pub while Block and Shapey bond. Bloberta tries to rekindle things with Stopframe, but he shuts her down and says he only started something with her to get close to Clay. After this, Bloberta desperately seeks Reverend Putty's attention; after climaxing from her pleas, he tells her to leave. Distraught, and desperate to feel something, Bloberta goes to Nohammer's Hardware and buys a large jackhammer; using it as a vibrator she mutilates her vagina. She goes to Dr. Potterswheel, who prescribes powerful painkillers after examining her. She uses them, then uses the jackhammer again; she further injures herself but numbs the pain to a pleasurable experience. She returns to Potterswheel with more severe injuries, and Potterswheel is shown to be sexually fascinated with his patients' physical pain. Potterswheel sends her home with an even stronger dosage of painkillers; also, she ends up taking Potterswheel's handkerchief home with her. She gets into bed and the combination of desperation and physical sensitivity gives her an orgasm just at the thought of Potterswheel. Excited by her discovery and new feelings of completeness, she returns to the clinic later that day, but Potterswheel rejects her when he finds no new injuries. After he refuses to look at her, he gets Clay's call that he shot Orel in the leg; Bloberta gazes distantly at the wall, only slightly affected when Orel's name pops up. The episode ends from Clay's POV as he stumbles drunk through the house and up the stairs. He stops outside of Orel's room and overhears Bloberta and Orel's conversation from the end of "Nature Part Two" about why Bloberta married Clay. She momentarily breaks down after leaving his room, then becomes cold and distant upon seeing Clay. As the credits roll they two climb into their separate beds, both looking completely cold, as if waiting to die.

An elf-like goddess tells a young man she needs time to cure herself and sends the man down to earth. Meanwhile another elf, kokkoro, believing in lady ameth goes to meet her lord who is this young boy. His name is revealed to be yuuki.

They run out of money and go to stay in lodges when a man tells them to start a guild. They meet Karin, a guild association member who tells them forming a guild will provide them a place to stay in and yuuki agrees to take up a part time job

Yuuki and Kokoro go to collect mushrooms where kokoro meets a small taking mushroom and carries it around. The orange haired girl from before also comes here to look for the two men with her sword. A girl dressed in black secretly charges huge mushrooms at them but they beat them all and Kokkoro names the girl pecorine who eats the small live mushroom later and becomes drunk.

We know that as of right now, it's not bringing in much dough, but this kind of experience not only gives him credibility, everyone he meets could potentially be a new interview subject for his show!

It is revealed that Beth had actually received a cryptic photo from Janice just before her phone got busted. Beth keeps trying her cell but to no avail. She requests the warden to arrange another meeting with Jefferson and present her case. The Professor agrees to do so and quips Dylan about what it could possibly be.

Anos' group then split into three to find the "Child of God". Eleonore and Zeshia meet with the heroes from the Hero Academy, but find them poisoned. Lay and Misa are approached by a student claiming to be a subordinate of her father. Sasha and Misha discover that Menou was kidnapped. When Anos checks with Melheis, he finds him dead. The perpetrators are the direct subordinates of the Four Evil Royals.

Mrs Hughes finds herself the focus of speculation when she meets a former suitor who makes her question her position. Violet and Isobel clash over a medical ailment affecting Molesley. Carson is concerned there is a thief at work in the grounds.

There's excitement in the house and village as the annual cricket match approaches, and the event brings out Robert's competitive side. Violet's great-niece Rose shows up but a trip to London reveals there is more to her than meets the eye. Matthew and Mary look like they are keeping secrets from each other. Thomas finds out that his future lies in Carson's hands.

They are camping outside The Twins on the evening of The Red Wedding. You are given control of Gared Tuttle, squire of Lord Forrester. Follow the on screen prompts to clean the lord's sword. As you begin to see speech options, you will be notified of the fact that each decision has a time limit. You can also choose to say nothing.

To start, you'll hear stories about the capture of the "King's Slayer" Jamie Lannister. After a cheer and a quick speech, the lord will want to speak to you separately. Lord Forrester tell you that he wants to empower you beyond the status of a squire.

After this chat, you will travel alongside the other squire to fetch more wine. He will complain about the job of a squire, and the frustration of being unable to improve his station. You can tell him how you'll be fighting in the vanguard with the lord, or just tell him to be quiet.

There is the lord's seat, the window, the shield and the tapestry to take a look at. Taking a look at the whole family on the tapestry will share your opinions on each one. You'll be able to look back on the codex in the pause menu to see more. Finally, head backl to the table the maester is sitting at and grab the herbs and the bandages to take with you. You can now talk to the maester about feeling better and about the family. You can tell him about the sword, which will lead to him asking what your promised.

Now, it's time to play as the new lord of Ironrath, Ethan Forrester. Ethan is young, and has much to learn. You will start outside in the ironwood playing hide and seek with your siblings. Royland will come to the woods to find you as you are needed for royal business. You have the option to go with him or stay.

Once you get to the great hall, you will meet up with Duncan and Royland. The Whitehalls are angry that their men have been killed by one of the Forrester's squires. They want justice for this action and has come for it. One Royland will tell you to be firm, and Duncan will ask you to be friendly. You can side with either, but your response won't have an effect on the events of the meeting.

Lady Forrester will join the meeting and call Whitehall out on having little regards for manners. He will not change his mood, but will be more royal in his tone. He will then tell you he is going to come back with the support of Lord Bolton and leave the great hall. You can send him off with a parting word if you wish.

While in the room, you can also find a letter from her mother, explaining the need for help. You are now being tasked to ask for help from the would-be queen at a difficult time. You will be interrupted by a young, male servant who seems to be looking to empty your chamber pot. After that, you'll need to meet with Ms. Tyrell.

She will explain that the crown is concerned about her having a handmaiden who is from the North, due to all the recent upheaval. Since she is a Forrester, a family known to be a banner men for the Starks, her loyalty to the King has come into question. Margaery explains that she will need to have a meeting with the queen, and stresses the importance of saying what is right, rather than what she feels. It seems Margaery is concerned that you do not know how the politics of Kings Landing works. 041b061a72

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