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Oxlade - Want You (Acapella) !!INSTALL!!

I've always wanted to have something with you. I'm not capping. I mean, I read your interviews and I expect your cut. Like there's this level of confidence you have when saying your things. And bro, you don't say things out of hatred, you say it out of you being a normal human being, how you feel.

Oxlade - Want You (Acapella)

The story is long. And I don't want to say things anymore. Before my grandma gave me her blessings on my project, she said I had to forgive him. So I had to go talk to him after like three years, and it was so emotional. So we are cool now.

Yeah, most of the time. It was after my secondary school that he came back because he's a lecturer. My LASU was easy to enter because he was lecturing in LASU. Even my four years with him weren't ...He did a lot of things to me. He dropped me at Ogbomoso one day and said 'shebi it's music money you want to use and chop abi? Let that music come and carry you back home'. I had to work.

I had this scholarship thing in Switzerland and I was the only Nigerian, the only African to have the music scholarship. It was like an orchestra. I used to do Orchestra in secondary school. So I just went for the audition and all I needed was a parental guardian to come to the embassy to drop his signature so they know he has somebody over him. The guy told me to go outside. Then he wrote that I'm mentally imbalanced, that I take narcotics. I didn't even know this one. It was when I was about to have sex with one chic and my condom fell under the bed and I wanted to take the condom under the bed that I saw the file. And I just said I should check it and I saw my father's handwriting. He wrote 'my son is mentally disturbed and he takes narcotics. I, as a father wouldn't advise your firm to take him in'.

He wanted me to be a lawyer that I didn't even now choose. I chose History and International Relations. So he was like any embassy in this world, that's where I want you to work. He just wanted me to do a 9-5. I mean, we are scholars in my family, so it's kinda understandable. The Kuforiji family in LASU is a scholarly name.

Yeah, and my grades are fire, I can't even lie. And it's not because I wanted my grades to be fire, but because I wanted to please him. I felt like if I did good in my education, he would let me do what I wanted to do. But it was still extra worse.

Oxlade recounts this incident to me. \u201CShebi it's music money you want to use and chop abi? Let that music come and carry you back home,\u201D We were having drinks at my apartment. \u201CI had to do this bricklayer job for two nights to raise N5000 to come back to Lagos. Yeah, my dad is an extremist,\u201D he says. Oxlade came to terms with his status as a dispensable offspring. With 22 children from numerous women, the loss of one \u2018wayward\u2019 child wouldn\u2019t be felt by his father.

Oxlade is restless. He\u2019s asking questions rapidly, offering heartfelt compliments, and beating his chest, at the same time, a weird mix of movement and speech. \u201CI\u2019ve always wanted to have an interview with you,\u201D he confesses as I offer him a drink. His eyes are alert and bright, darting across the room as he tries to pour out words that match the pace of his thoughts. Buoyant, an omnipresent smile, and deep, resonant laughter are his obvious traits. When he talks, he maintains eye contact, and his face moves constantly to reflect the spectrum of emotions within. He gesticulates so hard I secretly wondered if he\u2019d ever needed medical attention to pop an arm back into the socket, after flinging it wildly in excitement.

That's how I made 'Sing' and it got viral. Davido, Teni, everybody reached out. Davido wanted to sign me but like that place is a jungle. And my type of music, I didn\u2019t think I\u2019ll have that freedom I needed at that point.

My friends warned me not to do it but that was where 'Weakness' came about. You're my weakness and you're my sickness but I don't want to cure myself from you. Bro, there are songs on that EP and they are very personal songs. 'Hold On' is me being extremely helpless and a moron. Telling her that I can't do without her, that \u2018hold on don't leave me run.\u2019 It's like a normal pidgin lingo wey you go yarn based on say na love. There's 'O2'\u2014you are the air that I breathe. Okay, this is a superstition: I'm asthmatic and I've never complained of breathing disorders whenever she's around me. So it was like \u2018guy, do you bring air to my life?\u2019 She's one of the inspirations of the EP Oxygene in the sense that if you look at the artwork, there's an invisible 'e' at the back that makes it the biological gene. The nickname of Oxlade is Oxy, so I'm letting her be a part of me in the sense of Oxy-Gene. But if you overlook the 'e', it's \u2018Oxygen.\u2019 Music is the air I breathe. If you look at the artwork, it was music going through me. That shows how much music means to me. Music is taking me to another realm. And I live for music because it's the only thing I want to do. It's the only thing that makes me happy. So everything that I sing about is what I go through. That's why the EP is so personal to me.

To be very honest, the time I just gave up on trying to look for where it came from was when I asked my grandma: How do I do it? I don't write. The only time I wrote was on \u2018Legend.\u2019 The only times I write are conscious songs like 'Table Turn'. It\u2019s the song on the EP that has Moelogo on it. That's the only feature I've done in my life. That's the first person I'm featuring because that's the first verified account to listen to my music, take me in, support me and groom me. So it's like me showing a sign of gratitude because gratitude is a must. I am big on gratitude. And when I was writing that song, the last song I heard was Molelogo\u2019s \u2018Ireti\u2019. I didn't have a choice. It was impossible for me not to put Moelogo on it. The only songs I write are conscious music. The other songs are written in the realm I am at that point in time. Music is very spiritual. I don't know how the words come. And my grandma told me that I ought to know that I am not just a normal kid, and I should just leave it that way. She said I should not look for where they come from. She said I should just keep doing what I do; which is keeping my heart pure and being genuine with everybody. Because I don't smoke, I don't drink, so tell me where you think the vibes come from. When I hear a beat I do melodies then I put the lyrics inside the melodies after I've gotten the melodic patterns of what I want them to sound like. So I don't even write.

The logic was that we had to make it short and melodious and enjoyable. The shorter the song, the higher the repetition value. That's why 'Away' is the number five song in the country with no household name. This is music pushing itself. It's not that I don't know how to promote my shit but I just don't have enough resources to promote them, so this is pure grace. All the songs before it are arguably even bigger than it when it comes to numbers and statistics. The only song there by God's grace is my song. So I know that I have to bring something new to the table before I can be accepted. Spax asked me: \u2018Do I want to pop or do I want to be there for a while? I don't know how true this is, but to me, there's none of my songs that are trend songs. We did 'Sing' when shaku shaku came. All the songs then were fast tempo songs.

I would say that times 1 billion. Because bro, I was in London, Wizkid didn't need to talk to me. I came for DJ Tunez show and he just asked me. After the show, I was gassed, I was tired, I just went backstage and he was the only one in the room. And he was like Oxlade how far and I was like I dey come. I didn't know it was Wiz. For me to look at my left and I saw Wizkid. I wanted to run mad. The irony of that time was till now, I still live in Surulere so everywhere Wizkid used to go, where he used to buy bread and beans, where he used to play ball, I know everywhere. We were just exchanging experiences. We were relating on every term. He told me to come and hug him when he heard I was from Surulere. And when I was about to leave he was like \u2018how far?\u2019 You go like show my event for 02. I was like \u2018I can't afford it.\u2019 And he asked \u2018are you mad? I'm saying you should come and perform you're telling me ticket.\u2019 Bro, do you understand? And a day before then, I had called DJ Tunez to ask him that I'd like to perform on his set. On DJ Tunez set. Now I'm getting it on a platter. When I saw my name on the artwork, Fireboy too was in London. He called me. And the Headies was going on too and I was nominated. It was too much. 041b061a72

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