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Kandagawa Jet Girls (Uncensored) !EXCLUSIVE!

Jet Racing is a popular sport where teams of two girls work together. They consist of a Jetter, who pilots the watercraft, and a Shooter, who fires a water gun at rival teams. Aspiring to be a Jetter just like her legendary mother, Rin Namiki decides to leave her home in the countryside in order to realize her dream. Arriving in Asakusa, she meets Misa Aoi and they form a partnership. With each race, their bond grows stronger.

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Uncensored)

In the shop, you can purchase costumes and machine parts with the points you gathered during races and mini-games, as well as cute stamps for each character that can be used in online multiplayer and other items. Purchase various items to customize the girls and Jet Machines to your liking.

The girls of team Dress are also what the kids would refer to as THICC, especially Kuromaru. This, in turn, translates to their jet ski, Tamakaze, as well. The Tamakaze is one of two jet skis in the series which is designated as being in the heavy weight class.

And oh, yes, we cannot forget the fanservice, which is pervasive to a fault and the glue which unites the other two components. There is so much of it, and the series is so in-your-face about it, that it cannot be ignored. It ranges from things as simple as having the sport be all-female so that more girls can be shown in swimsuits (really, no other logic is offered for that) to a camera which almost inevitably focuses first on bust shots first to sexy, cleavage-baring day-to-day outfits to even bathing and changing scenes that will almost certainly include nudity in an uncensored Blu-Ray release. There's even a mechanism in the races where hits on the Jetter and Shooter from rival water gun can cause the covering over the girls' swimsuits to break away; never did understand the practical point to that. The series also offers one probable yuri pairing (the shrine maidens) and so much fuel for potentially shipping most of the other duos that it had to be intentional.

The visuals do not impress much beyond machine designs. CG is used heavily for the race sequences, with varying results; any attempt to show depth and 3D movement looks stiff and artificial, but the animation does not look as bad when it isn't trying to get fancy. Both in races and out, the most consistent animation attention goes to jiggling chests and exercise sequences (possibly because these also typically involve jiggling chests), with big shortcuts often taken elsewhere. Character designs are also generally a strong point, with most common otaku tastes being pandered to; surprisingly, regularly-appearing non-racer girls are even allowed to not be sexualized. However, the visuals in general make it clear that sex appeal is at least as important to Jet Racing as the actual racing.

Thankfully, the game has a pretty decent story mode. I found this mode surprisingly entertaining with fully voiced, engaging characters and attractive models. Granted, the story tends to lean towards the simplistic side, which usually involves the two girls Namiki and Aoi randomly meeting other girls and finding an excuse to race them. Most of these excuses mind you, are utterly ridiculous, yet it somehow finds a way to be amusing every time.

Every ecchi anime needs an excuse to put very attractive girls in very compromising positions. Jet Girls gets creative by introducing a water sport that is 1) only populated by female duos wearing skin tight bodysuits and 2) seems to revolve around the gradual removal of clothing to achieve victory. 041b061a72

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